Your love-hate relationship with invoices is over.  Introducing simpler business payments that make cash flow faster. 

The end of invoices as you know it.

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Why Crowdz

We are simplifying business payments with an all-in-one platform that makes sending, paying and selling invoices a lot easier.


Send digital, secure invoices with the click of a button to or from any platform 



Tired of waiting 30, 60 or 120 days to get paid? Sell your invoices instantly to get fast cash offers at favorable rates anytime, anywhere

Use our virtual payment gateway to make fee-free payments to your vendors

Crowdz is a Fintech company set to disrupt the business payments space by rethinking invoices, cash flow and trade finance.  We are replacing outdated manual practices with the financial service industry's first end-to-end invoice solution built specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.  

We are building a 24/7 global invoiceXchange in partnership with Barclays bank. It's like a stock exchange for invoices. Our team has been working on a one-stop business payment solution that frees up time, so business owners can focus on making money, not chasing it.

About Crowdz

By The Numbers

Invoicing is a very analog process. Let's make faxing a paper invoice or emailing a PDF a thing of the past.


billion invoices are still manually processed


of all SMEs experience cash flow issues


days is typical for SMEs to get paid


of invoices are still paper-based

Invoices are at the heart of everything small and mid-sized enterprises do.  They impact hiring, buying products and growth. Every day spent waiting to receive a receivable is a missed opportunity. Our goal is to level the playing field by providing SMEs access to more working capital. 

At Crowdz, we are speeding up cashflow with an automated solution that helps businesses thrive. Find out how Crowdz can help customers submit, approve, pay and sell invoices while getting cash in record time.

Chase dreams. Not invoices

Funders compete - You win

Secure Invoices

Low Cost Payments

How Cash Flows Faster

Accelerate the cash conversion cycle. Make digital payments to all your suppliers without international transfer fees, per-transaction fees or ACH fees.

Automated Reconciliation

Speed up the reconciliation and payment approval process.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Paper.

Pre-vetted funders compete for your invoices. We are not a bank or a factor.  Rates will start as low as 8.15%. 

Coming soon in 2020.

Etherium blockchain based platform keeps your invoices safe and secure.

- Create, Pay, Sell Unlimited Invoices

- 1 Admin Account

- Pay As You Go

Small Business

$0.00 / month

Medium Business

- Create, Pay, Sell Unlimited Invoices

- Up to 5 admin accounts

- Access to Crowdz SMART Score 

Medium Business

- Create, Pay, Sell Unlimited Invoices

- Up to 15 admin accounts

- Access to Crowdz SMART Score

- Data Package 

- Analytics Package

Just transparent pricing.

No long-term commitments. Try only the invoices you select.

$9.99 / month

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*Transaction fees only apply to the invoices you pay or sell

"Not only does Crowdz offer a solid finance & technology solution, but Crowdz's vision for the intertwined future of blockchain and business commerce is one of the most innovative and exciting I've seen."

"We are racing against ourselves and we are racing against fintech and we are racing against pay tech. The digitisation of finance is happening at an incredible pace."

Vice Chairman of Corporate Banking for Barclays


—Jes Staley

—Chris Adelsbach

Managing Director of the Barclays/Techstars FinTech Accelerator

At Crowdz, we believe there’s strength in numbers. We are building a platform where SMEs can work together to get to achieve the best terms possible on their invoices. Working together is a core company value one that also applies to our internal teams. 

We have offices in Silicon Valley and the UK. We positioned ourselves in the hubs of technology and Fintech, but we are also a remote-friendly team. Therefore, we are able to find the best professionals from across the globe. As a group that comes from different backgrounds, languages, countries of origin and disciplines, we can bring varied perspectives and ideas on topics. We hope to build a strong company culture as we grow in the future.

There's strength in Numbers

In late 2019, business payments get simpler.

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